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The Bully Brigade Series is back! New and refined each book includes vivid illustrations, never-before-seen bonus cover illustrations, and actionable tips for preteens on how to deal with different aspects of bullying.


When new kid Cokey Michaels transfers to Misfit Elementary, the students, and even the Bully Brigade, don't know what to make of him. For one thing, he never makes eye contact, and he's always twitching his fingers. He also gets angry at the smallest things—like cold food in the cafeteria.


The Bully Brigade makes it their mission to find out what's going on with Cokey. They don't have much time, though, because the two worst bullies in school—Andy Pitts and Penny Proudfoot—have set their sights on him and they will make his life miserable until he's driven from Misfit Elementary for good...

There's Something about Cokey Michaels is the second book in The Bully Brigade series. Free gift included with purchase.

The Bully Brigade: There's Something about Cokey Michaels

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