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  • Peer pressure can make us betray ourselves and others. Leading us to do the unthinkable. But how do we handle that?
    We all face social pressure and at some point we all eventually give in. Sometimes it’s for the good of yourself and others. Sometimes it’s for devious schemes. Whichever it is, it’s harder for children to cope with such social stress. Take Milton for example. It’s another normal day at Misfits Academy when a food fight starts in the cafeteria. At the center of this chaos we find Milton, an average boy who has no true motive for causing trouble. When one food fight soon becomes a daily routine, the Bully Brigade tries to find out what’s the cause of this.
  • Someone else is behind the mischief!
    Milton finally fesses up and reveals the truth behind his motives. The Bully Brigade learns that someone is bullying Milton into causing food fights and it’s hard for him to escape their grasp. The team comes up with a plan for the bully that Milton tells them about, but things are not what they expected them to be.
  • Milton hides the true mastermind!
    When the Bully Brigade finally catches the bully that Milton told them about, the bully turns out to be innocent. Fearful of his bully’s wrath, Milton deceived the Bully Brigade to spare himself from any negative consequences. After the Brigade convinces Milton that he’ll be safe, they find the true bully but must find a new way to bring them down. They must also right their wrong accusations. The Bully Brigade: The Turn Over deals the effects of peer pressure and social stress on children in schools. It can cause them to lie, get into trouble, and possibly hurt others. Milton’s story shows us what children have to go through and what they can do to overcome such pressures. As a reader puts it, "What I appreciate about this author is that she really brings out the emotion and reality of what it feels like to be in a bullying situation; prey and predator." Join the gang as they save Milton from this bully’s manipulation!
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