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The Bully Brigade: The Turn Over


What I appreciate about the author is that she really brings out the emotion and reality of what it feels like to be in a bullying situation, prey and predator.

- Lincherria Barnes, Amazon Customer

The Bully Brigade: There’s Something About Cokey Michaels


I thought the inclusion of how teachers' lack of education and resources can sometimes inhibit the awareness needed to tackle certain behavioral disorders was a great addition to the story. I think this book will make a great addition to any school library and the subject matter will definitely spark discussion between parents, students and teachers about the effects of bullying.


– Lesly Jones, Readers Favorite

Reviews for The Bully Brigade: Headmaster Bully


The Bully Brigade: Headmaster Bully encourages empathy for others and propels kids to be advocates for what is right. - LitPick Book Reviews

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